Never Broken: Nothing Lacking

One Cause: One Cure

Bringing you a psycho-spiritual paradigm that brings hope and healing to ALL mental and physical illnesses.

There is within every human being’s consciousness perfect mental well-being and a wisdom-based guidance system –

Universal MIND

As you understand Universal MIND you will..

Realize rested well being
Reclaim Joy
Recognize Simplicity in Complexity
Find hope for your healing

Universal MIND is:

the formless energy at the source of creation, life and experience.

Universal MIND is pure love and understanding.

Nothing is separate from it.

Therefore, you and I are pure love and understanding.


No matter what you are struggling with, there is hope. Through group programs and private psycho-spiritual sessions, Dr. Bill can support you in uncovering your innate wellness.


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With nearly 50 years of experience psychiatry, and over 40 years exploring the Three Universal Principles, Dr. Bill has a unique message of healing to share. Learn more about his story and how he can help.