A.L.E.R.T. Mentorship

A – Awareness/Awakening

to the existence of Mind as an always present internal guide.

L – Learning to Listen

for Mind’s guidance.

E – Experiencing

in real time the perpetual presence of Mind.

R – Recognizing

the feeling that accompanies Mind’s guidance.


in what Mind is guiding you towards.

We come into this life as formless energy that has been given a brain/body, through which to experience this world of form.

We are given, as gifts, the personal use of the universal Principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought to navigate our way through life one thought at a time.

Without sufficient understanding of the connection between our spiritual (formless) and psychological (thought-created) and physical natures, we innocently create an attachment to many of the contents of our personal thought system attaching our happiness to things external to us. In doing so we hand out, if you will, multiple strings that are in constant possibility of being pulled when any happiness invested thought is experienced as being threatened or taken from us.

As our level of consciousness/understanding/awareness rises we are freed from the thought-created stress they create.

But there are always more strings to cut. That is just the way it is.

There are infinite levels of understanding these Principles.


Have you ever found yourself saying, “I know the principles, they have impacted my life, but why do I still struggle with X?”

This program is for those yearning to understand more deeply the connection between their spiritual and psychological nature. It is intended to be a very practical application of the 3 principles for your life.

No matter how long we’ve been exposed to the 3 principles, there are infinite ways in which we can still expand our understanding.

Maybe you are having difficulty in a relationship, trouble with finances, or struggle with your weight. 

No matter your level of understanding, these issues come to the forefront because we have more to understand.

Each person comes to the ALERT Program with their personal goals/objectives that they hope to achieve or move closer to accomplishing.

I have come to see that a growing experience of gratitude for what we have and what we have seen clears the way for wisdom, peace of mind, happiness, and contentment.

This state of mind is conducive to insights that bring simplicity to apparent complexity. This happens in the experience of presence and stillness.

“Quiet, when I define it means a total lack of sound,
A moment without movement, a stillness all around.
Quiet, when I feel it, has a different quality.
It’s a full and peaceful presence permeating all of me.”

Acceptance of where we are in our journey is always the first step in effortlessly moving forward.

The process will be a collaborative one. However, the mentee’s observations, insights, and inquiries will pilot the journey of reconnaissance and recognition (to know again/remembering).



  • 20 x 60-minute private sessions with Dr. Bill.
  • Schedule your sessions at your own pace: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
  • Choice of two of Sydney Banks books to review, portions of which read by both of us prior to each session.
  • Choice of one of three sets of videos of Sydney Banks lectures to be watched on a schedule chosen by the participant in between sessions.

Investment: $6500

*Payment plan available upon request