“Because I’m married to Bill, I see the incredible attention and time he has devoted to developing and supporting his Master Mentoring courses. I encourage you to take advantage of this extraordinary one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from him. Bill’s grounding in the 3 Principles is deep and has evolved from a direct, long-standing relationship with his mentor, Sydney Banks. Bill’s knowledge of and experience in adolescent and adult psychiatry, psychology, medicine, psychosomatic medicine, addictions and the neurosciences, combined with his 3 Principles understanding, make him an unparalleled teacher. Working with him will expand your spiritual understanding and provide valuable information for working with ANY and ALL, I repeat ANY, and ALL clients. As I’ve lived by his side for twenty years, I’ve watched Bill work miracles with his individual clients. His magic is a combination of his absolute “knowing” about the universal principles that are the source of life, his complete faith that human beings are never broken and have nothing lacking, and his mind-blowing compassion. I simply have not witnessed a more loving human being with a clearer spiritual understanding. Bill is a perfect example of a man who lives what he teaches.”

– Linda Sandel Pettit, Ed.D., Mentor to Intuitive-Creative Women, Author and Speaker www.lindasandelpettit.com

“I met Bill Pettit in 1983 before he was involved in the Principles. I was very impressed with his humanness, his understanding of people and his professionalism. I said to myself, “Now that’s the kind of human being that should be helping people!” When he got involved in the Principles, he was able to take his game to a whole new level. Such as he is right now, I can’t imagine that there is a more impactful, more effective mental health practitioner in the world. I see him as the very best. Bill has very strong humanness–compassion, joy, generosity. He also excels at getting the Three Principles across to even the most resistant clients. Said simply, no patient is beyond his “paygrade”. HIs strongest quality in my opinion is the faith he has in people’s innate mental health. He generates tremendous hope in his clients, which has certainly contributed to his success. Whether it be treating clients or developing professionals for public speaking, you simply can’t do better than Dr. Bill Pettit. I wholeheartedly endorse people’s participation in Bill Pettit’s Master Mentor Courses and Awaken Wisdom Consultations Bill is unique in what he has to offer. He has an excellent grounding in the 3 Principles understanding that Syd Banks shared with us. He also has significant knowledge of medicine, physiology, neuroscience and the present paradigm of trauma and psychiatry. Bill is able to combine these two with a synchronicity that brings simplicity to what appears as complex or confusing. I think this is a solitary opportunity that is worth exploring while Bill is still available to share his gifts.”

– George Pransky

“Dr. Bill Pettit is a master mentor. He has dedicated his career since 1983 to guiding people to insightfully realize their essential divine nature. He has an impeccable reputation for being able to help even the most psychologically unbalanced people to transcend their suffering to live a life of well-being. Bill expertly points people to see for themselves the connection between their spiritual and psychological nature. Bill is a deep listener, kind, compassionate, and loves to tell stories and laugh. I highly recommend that you sign up for Bill’s Master Mentor Classes. He will guide you to your inner wisdom and well-being. He will help you discover how to live a life with a balance between wisdom and intellect. And Bill will help you find the confidence you need to share what you know with others.”

– Dicken Bettinger

“Dr. Pettit has an incredible depth of experience and wisdom both in the Three Principles and modern medicine. His generous spirit and kind heart make learning with him a profound experience. There seems to be no end to his knowledge and yet his humility makes it very accessible for everyone to follow. Dr. Pettit has helped me deepen my own understanding and given me incredible language and resources to share this experience with others. I am honored to call him teacher, mentor, and friend.”

– Chana Studley, Three Principles Practitioner, Speaker, and Author

“From the moment I heard Dr. Pettit share about the three principles and particularly anxiety and love letters, I was intrigued. I was blown away by his kindness, knowledge, wisdom, and take on psychological conditions. I had never heard a psychiatrist talk about how we are never broken or lacking in terms of mental health. I loved how Bill continually points back to how the human system is benevolent and beneficent. He helped me see mental health in a whole new light! Listening to his stories of hope my heart feels so full. At first, it was just for my own healing, but when I transitioned from a school psychologist to a three principles practitioner I felt a bolt of insecurity and thought maybe I needed to get my Ph.D. What came up was that I wanted a Ph.D. in the principles! The first mentor that came to mind was Dr. Pettit. I found great value in Bill’s One Cause One Cure courses. Working with Bill individually when he offered his ALERT certification was one of the best decisions of my life. I thought our sessions would mainly be me asking his guidance regarding clients, but I also found myself talking about myself and Bill’s listening and guidance were so welcomed. I felt seen, understood, and cared for. I felt like Bill was not only a mentor but a friend. Bill helped deepen my understanding of the principles and I am grateful that he continually pointed back to Syd’s work. Prior to working with Dr. Pettit, I’m embarrassed that I hadn’t read all of Syd’s books but I can proudly say now that I have and have read many two to three times. The picture of me holding The Missing Link is in dedication to Bill and Syd. If you’ve worked with me you’ve definitely heard me quote my amazing mentor- Dr. Bill Pettit who has not only transformed my own wellbeing, but transformed my practice as a three principles practitioner. I am forever grateful to Dr. Pettit! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

–Lily Sais, Three Principles Practitioner

Without a doubt, William Pettit Jr. understanding of the connection of Universal Mind-Body and its relationship to the role of Thought is as one of the leading experts in the world. It has been my privilege to witness his profound sharing in webinars or joint talks that have gone around the world, and he has always stepped up to the plate with his caring and fun-loving nature whenever I have asked him to be a guest speaker on these many webinars. As a 3 Principles Educator in the field of addiction and mental health, I have personally witnessed transformations of the soul or human psychological breakthroughs by the lucky participants.

– Harry Derbitsky, www.acttraining.biz

“When I met Dr. Bill Pettit several years ago, I sensed that he was a like-minded colleague. I had already been studying the 3 Principles of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness, after an illness nearly took my life. Bill was kind enough to invite me into a small group of psychiatrists who were consulting with him regularly; I had also been part of the Healers’ Clinic that he and his very wise and accomplished wife, Dr. Linda Pettit, facilitated. Plus I’ve joyfully shown up for every course he’s offered. This has all helped me deepen my understanding and move forward in my own life. There’s so much I love about Bill – especially the way he speaks about mental/spiritual well- being and its effects on overall health. In responding to people’s questions, he shares from his heart. Even while teaching from his vast experience, he remains a student of life. He is an amazing collector and curator of facts, figures, and ideas, somehow laying these out in ways that people can meaningfully grasp. Insights come, when listening to him. I am grateful to know Bill as a colleague, mentor, friend, and fellow “punster.” He has helped me shed a ton of worry, insecurity, and hurt; time with him is priceless. I invite you to see what might happen in you, through any of Bill’s programs, courses, or consultations.”

–Pam Pappas MD, Integrative Psychiatrist

“I first heard Bill talking in a three principles course I have studied in and immediately wanted to hear more. The wisdom, experience, and loving attitude towards listeners and life itself was breathtaking. He kindly agreed to speak at two events in the Czech Republic and Romania for our NGO. I will never stop marveling at how perfectly he sees the innocence in all our human acts and behaviors, and how spotlessly he sees the Three Principles work in life. He and his wife taught me to listen to the wisdom of people I speak with. It is an honor knowing him personally and learning from him. What a beautiful person, what a beautiful soul, what a beautiful example of kindness in this world.”

– Kat Cerna, transformative coach, head of NGO Understanding Mind in the Czech Republic

“I recall meeting Dr. Pettit in Bradenton, Florida in 1988, where Bill had started his practice based on the Three Principles. Bill had invited Sydney Banks to do a weekend retreat there, while he was visiting us in Tampa, and Syd invited me to accompany him. I was very touched by Bill’s deep respect and commitment to Syd and the spiritual gifts Syd had uncovered. I remember Syd talking at the retreat about how these spiritual gifts had the power to change the fields of psychology and psychiatry, by “seeing” innate wisdom in people rather than dysfunction. Syd talked about the Principles being a cure for mental illness. This was an evolutionary statement. A few years passed and at a Principles conference where Bill was speaking, for the first time I heard Bill say with great depth and certainly, that the Principles held the cure for mental disorders. I’d never ever heard a psychiatrist say this before and it took my breath away, as it did the audience. You could have heard a pin drop in the silence after this profoundly hopeful statement, a defining moment in history. This is who Bill is. He has the courage of a lion and the gentleness of a lamb, with a generous and loving spirit who is always ready to serve and point people back to their inherent wisdom. If you have the opportunity to participate in any of Dr.Bill’s programs, don’t hesitate. You won’t be sorry for this life-changing experience.”

–Elsie Spittle, Mentor, International Consultant and Speaker, Author of 8 Published Books.

“Thanks to Dr. Bill Pettit, whom I met in the 1980’s, when he was a Psychiatrist and I was CEO of a Medical Management Company, I started my journey of discovery of the true nature of human psychology in the context of its implications for the practice of medicine. Bill introduced me to the Three Principles. His capacity for illustrating complexity with simple metaphors and stories; his lightheartedness; his patience with questions; his ability to harness his intellect in service to his wisdom and inspiration, and his remarkable results with patients drew me to this field. He awakened insights that turned my life in a totally different direction. In the Master Mentoring program, Dr. Pettit uses his understanding of medicine and neuroscience, combined with his profound appreciation for the spiritual truths illuminated by Sydney Banks, to illustrate that the Principles uncovered by Mr. Banks 50 years ago appear in the philosophy and science of medicine and psychiatry, but their implications are clouded by the lingering habit of assuming cause and effect from the outside-in. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is puzzled that the advances in science thus far have not resulted in widespread success in reversing the mental health crisis in the world, or in major improvements in human happiness, contentment and peace of mind. These courses will allow you to see what is missing in our prevailing view of the helping professions and our prevailing misunderstanding of the greatest unrecognized human resource available to mankind. Having been mentored by Bill, and having for many years seen him teach in many settings, including when we were both on the faculty of the West Virginia University School of Medicine, I can say confidently that he is one of the few people in the world who can explain why the Principles are bound to revolutionize our understanding of mental health and will someday be the standard of care in a much more peaceful world.”

–Judith A. Sedgeman, EdD, Mental Health Mentor

“Bill Pettit’s Master Mentoring Courses are not only a thorough and life-changing experience, but like Bill himself, they are entertaining and inspiring.”

–Steve Chandler, Author of Time Warrior

“Dr. Bill Pettit is not only one of the wisest people I have ever met, but is definitely one of the most compassionate. I have had the honor of learning directly from Bill for many years, and he points with certainty and clarity to the understanding that guides every one of us back to our natural peace of mind, love, and wisdom. Bill’s experience in the field of psychology and psychiatry is unique, and he countless stories of hope where he has helped people wake up to their innate mental health. Bill deeply touches my heart and soul and I can warmly recommend any of his programs to anyone who wants to go deeper into the Sydney Banks profound and universal message of hope.”

– Natasha Swerdloff

“Dr. Bill Pettit is a kind, gentle and loving guide. His respect for Sydney Banks and his deep humility in sharing what he learned has elicited peace and renewed mental health in scores of humans over four decades. Dr. Bill’s “inner sacred dwelling place” allows him to see the light, love and potential in every human being.”

– Barb Aust, BEd, MEd, Retired Educator

“There are magic moments in life that literally stop you in your tracks, give you time to reflect on how wonderful they are. This happened in my friendship with Dr.Bill, a deep connection with no boundaries, stories to be told, wisdom to be shared , tears and laughter to be drunk. I am indeed a lucky man.”

–Rob Hollows, Commercial Director

“You can’t discuss master mentors without saying the name Dr. William Pettit. His humility and heart are visible and tangible in his every move. I was blessed to spend some time with Dr. Pettit and had two of the most significant insights I’d ever have before. One of my lived experiences is my education. Secondly, he helped me see that sadness and well-being can exist simultaneously. Dr. Pettit was also there to extend a hug and a smile during one of my saddest moments. His ability to impact and guide comes through in his mentorship courses, and anyone attending will benefit in so many ways.”

–Rob Cook, Founder, The Impact Zone

“Bill Pettit creates the best 3 Principles metaphors ever! I love his sense of humour and he is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. I see Bill as a stalwart champion of the 3 Principles. Sydney Banks trusted him and Bill has my deepest respect.”

–Bob Campsall, Volunteer Heartfelt Presence Coach

“When I first met Dr Bill Pettit, I wanted to learn how he had such an extraordinary track record of success as a mental health professional. In the first ten minutes of listening to him, I got it. He’s so sure everyone is already sane (has innate mental health and well-being), you’d go nuts trying to convince him that you’re nuts! In the years since then, I’ve watched him deepen as a human being and his work become more and more accessible to all. Simply put, Bill is the real deal.”

–Michael Neill, Bestselling Author of The Inside-Out Revolution and The Space Within

“How we love Bill; he is a lifelong friend! He has learned with us, laughed with us, mentored us— all with presence of mind and a generous, open heart. We have sat with Bill listening to Syd. We have sat in on Bill’s amazing online courses which are filled with stories of hope. The knowledge of the 3 Principles and of the medical field Bill shares has been so valuable in my work as a Special Education Teacher. Connect wi th Bill and you will come away all the wiser, as he points you to the knowledge and happiness within!”

–Christa Campsall, K12 Special Education Teacher, Author K12 My Guide Inside Curriculum

“I had the pleasure of spending several days alongside Dr. Bill Pettit both in Prague and Bucharest and the wisdom, presence and love with which he comes into every interaction is palpable and touches people deeply. He has so much experience and has helped so many people find their innate health that he could be considered a celebrity, yet he remains incredibly humble and keeps being a lifelong student of Three Principles. The combination of his deep knowledge of the workings of human body and brain with understanding the spiritual principles operating behind the scenes gives his words and impact a unique touch. But with Bill the words are not what matters. It is always the feeling behind the words that creates true miracles. I am grateful to have him in my life.”

– Martin Jotov, Director of Technology Holding IQS Group, co-founder of Understanding Mind NGO