Enjoying the Journey is the Destination

A Simple Guide To Realizing More Love and Compassion for Yourself and Others Through an Understanding of Three Universal Principles.

Realizing our essence as Love and Understanding makes “Enjoying the Journey” possible regardless of past, present or anticipated difficulties.

We have heard this before, but have we truly integrated the message that we don’t have to respond as the victims of life’s rough patches?

Dr. Pettit recognizes that humans are not just resilient, they are spirit-filled beings who can respond to themselves and others in peaceful and compassionate ways. He has been the catalyst for healing of those with multiple mental health hospitalizations, and traumatic life experiences. Always with his finger on the pulse of current psychological research, his findings in practice are being affirmed by current clinicians, that what is happening in our psyche impacts our physical health. Though, both Linda and Bill acknowledge that Life provides challenges of all colors and shapes, the information they provide assures us that EACH of us has the Spirit within to be able to gracefully surf Life’s tsunamis!

“It’s amazing how ensuing days have been peaceful and happy even with the highs and lows of life. I’m feeling the joy of letting the Spirit control my mind each day. I’m able to handle it all much better, let go of the past and live in the now. Thanks, Dr. Bill and Linda. You have both helped me so much.”

– Rev. Elizabeth Sandy, Retired Presbyterian Pastor

Self-Study Program

Enjoying the Journey is the Destination was a 3-day live event in Des Moines, Iowa in August 2023. The event was professionally recorded and is now available for purchase to watch in your own time. 

Program Overview

In this program, Dr. Bill Pettit endeavors to facilitate participants’ realizations that:

  • The nature of the formless energy of creation is love and understanding and therefore benevolent.  
  • The system of being human consists of our spiritual (formless), psychological (Thought-created), and physical (thought-informed) natures.
  • Understanding the nature and attributes of any system allows one to utilize that system without harming oneself or anyone else and to utilize that system to its full potential. 
  • The understanding of the relationship between formless energy and the experience of being human is facilitated by the metaphor of the Universal Principles of Mind, Consciousness & Thought. 

Dr. Linda Sandel Pettit in her presentation “The Intuitive Way of Love”  endeavors to facilitate participants’ realizations that 

  • Intuition is a spiritual gift.
  • There is magic, mystery, and simple logic behind intuition.
  • We are pure love in motion.

“The divine passes from the formless to form, and as human beings, we are both spectators and participants in this spiritual theatre called life. 

The great mystics of the world who tried to explain such knowledge, had no choice but to speak in metaphors, knowing that their words were only a representation of the spiritual wisdom that lies within the consciousness of all human beings.” – Sydney Banks, The Missing Link page 6-7

Utilizing stories of healing, Dr. Pettit will show how an incremental insight-based understanding of the system of being human increases the possibility and breadth of mental well-being, physical health, stress resistance, and resilience. 

Dr. Pettit will show how this fresh understanding, when applied to current scientific research, often brings simplicity and clarity to apparent complexity and confusion.

Program Delivery

When you purchase this program, you will receive immediate access to 12, 45-minute videos. These are taken from the 12 sessions held over 3 days during the live program. You can stream these videos online or download to keep and share with your family and friends.

“The program wonderful! I have been working with the principles since 2017. This deepened my awareness of the spiritual nature of the principles.” 

– Carla Hay-Perdue, DNP, APRN, FNP NC-BC Family Nurse Practitioner/ Wellness Educator/ Nurse Coach. Mineral Wells, Texas

“I’ve heard Bill speak before & experienced this event as being more experiential than cognitive. He presents “information” about the Principles, but there was more depth this time. Linda’s contribution totally enhanced the content and understanding. I experienced comfort and compassion as well as transparency & excellence from her as well. Seeing them present together was beautiful. I believe that there was honesty and transparency in what both of them presented that supported an experience of encouragement.”

– Gayle Lindell, Des Moines, IA

“I have been feeling light and airy. Free from the problems even while in them. I’m trusting to be guided through my day and I will be given all that I need. It’s amazing to see how God works things out for the best for everyone. It’s so easy. I’m still looking for it to be hard and I’m realizing I don’t have to. Thank you Dr. Bill and Dr. Linda for your wise and lifegiving words and metaphors.”

– Betty Sandy, Retired Presbyterian Pastor (PCUSA), Carmel, Indiana

“Drs. Bill and Linda changed my life. I am forever grateful to them!”

– Elisheva, Passaic NJ

“Just a brilliant feel, and an invite to resonance within, by listening and sharing space with Dr Pettit and Linda. Would recommend watching online for anyone.” 

– Divyesh Shah, Sydney, Australia