March 6, 2023 Webinar Recording

What if full healing from ALL past painful memories IS possible?


Have you, a loved one or someone you’re trying to help felt or believed that you were broken or lacking?

Whether it be from past trauma, current difficult circumstances, or worries about the future – there is something preventing you from living in joy and peace in the present moment.

After 50 years as a practicing psychiatrist, I’m here to share with you that is not the truth.

You are not broken. Nothing is lacking within you.

You have just accepted a prevailing misunderstanding of the true nature of how the system of being human works.

What if complete healing comes from a new level of spiritual understanding/consciousness rather than a psychological or cognitive understanding?

My newest program, Never Broken: Nothing Lacking, One Cause: One Cure – FRESH HOPE is a culmination of over 40+ years of helping people deepen their understanding of how the system of being human works.


Join me starting March 28, 2023 for a 6-month journey to bring hope and healing to ALL psychological and most physical illnesses.