Never Broken: Nothing Lacking, One Cause: One Cure, Fresh Hope

A 6-month group journey to bring hope and healing to ALL psychological and most physical illnesses.


Could it be that there is ONE CAUSE and ONE CURE?

Have you or a loved one felt or believed that you were broken or lacking? Maybe you or someone you know has even been given a label (diagnosis) that you now identify with.

After 50 years as a practicing psychiatrist, I’m here to share with you that is not the truth.

Any diagnostic label that you’ve been given is an attempt to describe where you are, but has nothing to do with who you are.

You are not broken. Nothing is lacking within you.

You have just accepted a prevailing misunderstanding of the true nature of how the system of being human works.

Consider this possibility…

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience”.

– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


Fresh Hope for Psychology & Psychiatry 

Recently published research of over 45 years duration has demonstrated that by age 45, 86% of the over one thousand participants had met the criteria for a mental disorder. In fact, 59% had met the criteria for a mental disorder by the end of adolescence.

Simply stated, every one of us has either been labeled/diagnosed ourselves or had a family member, a loved one, a friend or coaching/therapy client that has been labeled as having a mental illness.

“No sharp distinction can be drawn between mental health and mental disease. A large collection of material shows a gradual, not an abrupt transition from a normal state to pathological states.” – American Journal of Psychiatry October, 1910 !!! Grace Helen Kent, A.J. Rosenhoff

What Causes This Transition From Health to Illness?

From August 1973 until his death in May of 2009, author and teacher Sydney Banks stated repeatedly that there was but one generic mental illness – the inability to see the role of the formless gift of Thought. This results in the innocent misuse of this power which creates significant dysregulation and imbalance throughout every cell, organ, and system in the body.

Has Anybody Beside This Welder With a 9th Grade Education  Proposed Such a Preposterous position?

Starting about 1980 doctorate-level mental health professionals including Gordon Trockman M.D psychiatrist, and psychologists Keith Blevens, Roger Mills and others realized the truth of Mr. Bank’s assertion.

Since shortly after my first encounter with Mr. Banks in April 1983 and based on my own personal realizations and clinical observations, I too saw that there is but one cause to all mental illness and to most physical disorders.

But what about the hundreds of disorders listed in the DSM5 and ICD 11? Does anyone credible propose the same position?

In September 2018, American Journal of Psychiatry article, two respected researchers Drs Avshalom Caspi Ph.D and Terrie E. Moffitt, citing 131 scientific sources, authored the article “All For One and One For All: Mental Disorders in One Dimension.” 

They stated the following in the abstract of their 14-page article

“In both child and adolescent psychiatry, empirical evidence has accrued to suggest that a single dimension is able to measure a person’s liability to mental disorder, comorbidity among disorders, the persistence of disorders over time, and severity of symptoms.”

So, is everybody on board with this new paradigm for psychology and psychiatry?

Not Exactly. Flawed paradigms in science have not expired peacefully (e.g. relativity, germ theory, neural plasticity to name a few).

So what have I done?

Inspired by the opportunity for the new dialogue that this article presented, I recruited three doctor-level colleagues to join me in a collaborative effort to publish a response to this article. Together the four of us had been students of the understanding of the Three Universal Principles of Mind, Consciousness, Thought for over 120 years.

This collaboration with Drs Tom Kelley, Judith Sedgeman and Jack Pransky gave birth in June 2021 to the publication of  One Generic Mental Illness: A Principle-Based Psychospiritual Explanation of General Factor p and Its Application To Spiritually Informed Clinical Practice.”

Introducing One Cause: One Cure

This 6-month course is my endeavor to share what I have seen over a 40-year journey of exploring the connection between our spiritual (formless) nature and our psychological (thought-created) and physical (brain/body) natures through incremental realizations/understanding of the metaphor of the three universal Principles of Mind, Consciousness, Thought.

Based on over 40 years of experience sharing my incremental insights into these Principles, I am confident that I can facilitate those who choose to join me on this journey to find more of the happiness contentment and mental and physical well-being that they seek and feel more capable of sharing what they have realized with others.



1: Introduction to the course and the presentation of the premise that there is ONE cause of all mental and most physical illnesses. That one cause is a state of significant chronic mental stress with the resulting chronic activation of the body’s emergency stress response.

2: Exploring the connection between our spiritual (formless) nature and our psychological and physical (thought-created) natures through the metaphor of the 3 universal Principles: Mind, Consciousness & Thought.

3: How an insufficient understanding of the connection between our spiritual nature and our psychological and physical natures creates an unwinnable ‘Outside-In’ Game. Participating in the spiritual theater of life from this level of understanding results in the experience of chronic mental stress in response to challenges, losses, uncertainty and inevitable death. From this unhealthy perspective, the only option discerned by us will be to “manage” and “cope” with the perceived ‘stressors’ as adaptively as we are able to do each moment.

4: How a sufficient understanding of the system of the ‘spiritual theater’ of life, brings brings fresh hope that well-being and inner peace are possible ‘No Matter What’. We will explore findings in neuroscience and medical research that support this premise.

5: Understanding the nature and benevolent purpose of the Acute Stress Response (ASR), its wondrous intricate physiology, powerful efficiency and its role in manifesting the infused wisdom of the body in its effort to maintain the delicate balanced equilibrium in the fifty trillion cells of the body. That is harmonious health.

6: Understanding the nature of the Chronic Stress Response: its magnificent but costly attempt to maintain survival (allostasis) in the face of prolonged activation of a response meant to be limited to 30 minutes or less.

7: Understanding the nature, purpose and consequences of Chronic Systemic Inflammation and its relationship to the 13 ‘symptoms’ that were used in the research for the DSM 5, and ICD 11. Shifting the paradigm to perceive distressful symptoms as benevolent alarms changes everything.

8: An exploration of the symptoms that lead to the diagnostic labels of the varied Anxiety Disorders and stories of hope and healing that I have witnessed first hand and that I see are always available. I will share psychiatric research that makes this easily understood.

9: An exploration of the symptoms that lead to the diagnosis of a Depressive Disorder, and/or Burnout and stories of hope and healing that I have experienced myself and witnessed in others.

10: An exploration of Cardiovascular Disorders, the symptoms and medical research findings seen through a lens of benevolent alarms and a sharing stories of hope from my clinical experiences.

11: An exploration of Chronic Pain Disorders (Chronic Neck and Back Pain, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, etc) – the symptoms and medical research seen through a lens of benevolent alarms and sharing of stories of hope from my clinical experience.

12: An exploration of Autoimmune Disorders (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, Depression), the symptoms seen through a lens of benevolent alarms and stories of hope that I have witnessed in my clinical practice.

You don’t have to choose between spiritual understanding and scientific knowledge. Our exploration will include scientific and medical research.

Having spiritual understanding brings simplicity and clarity to your scientific knowledge.

What If Your Symptoms Are Love Letters?

Symptoms of decreased mood, increased anxiety, muddled and distracted thinking, relationship problem, unhealthy behavioral habits, and quite often physical symptoms are alarms or Love Letters encouraging you “to be where you are as best as you can”.

It is in the now with a calm and curious state that you will more reliably hear the wisdom-based guidance that lies within the consciousness of EVERY human being on earth.

Your level of understanding of how the system works and how often you are activating your acute stress response determines how strongly these love letters will show up.

There is always hope because there is always health.

Dr. Thomas Insel, the former director of the National Institute of Mental Health was quoted in 2011 saying,

“Whatever we’ve been doing for five decades, it ain’t working. And when I look at the number of suicides, number of disabilities, mortality data-it’s abysmal, and it’s not getting any better. All the ways in which we’ve approached these illnesses and with a lot of people working very hard, the outcomes we’ve got to this point are pretty bleak.”

“We are so embedded in this structure. We have spent so much time diagnosing mental disorders that we actually believe they are real. But they are not reality. These are only constructs. There’s no reality to schizophrenia or depression. We might have to stop using terms like depression and schizophrenia because they are getting in the way and confusing things.”

The answer is not in the treatment of mental disorders but in the understanding of your innate mental health and its source.

Join me as we look at this understanding and see it as the cure.

Never Broken: Nothing Lacking, One Cause: One Cure, Fresh Hope

A 6-month small group program to bring hope and healing of your mental and physical illnesses.


2023 Cohort Sold Out, Next Cohort Starts Early 2024 


  • 2 live 120-minute Zoom sessions per month (12 Total) – on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday, with two options of times depending on your time zone.
  • Limit of 30 participants per group for personal interaction and connection.
  • Format – Presentation of material from Bill for 50 minutes, 10-minute break, 60 minutes of discussion and Q&A.
  • Private Facebook group for discussion between sessions.
  • Call recordings sent within 48 hours if you cannot attend live.

INVESTMENT:  $1800 or payment plan with small admin fee.

CE CREDITS AVAILABLE: This program has been approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing for 18 CE credits. Advancing Holistic Health is a continuing nursing education provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, provider number CEP16464. Many U.S. and global licensed healthcare professionals have requested professional CEs for continuing education toward re-licensure. Eighteen continuing education contact hours(18 CE’s)  are available for purchase. Approved by all 50 states, and accepted globally. All different types of health professionals can use Nursing CNEs. Check with your own state licensing board. Payment for the CE’s can be made by clicking here.

Spiritual Understanding Has Psychological and Physical Health Implications

In this program, we will explore how our level of spiritual understanding (level of consciousness/awareness in the words of Sydney Banks) impacts our psychological and physiological experience. I will show you the Fresh Hope that this understanding brings to those who have been diagnosed and labeled as having some disease. Spiritual Healing is a prerequisite for any physical healing from chronic stress-related symptoms, burnout, disease, impairment, disability,  or pain.


You are someone who has seen yourself as broken or lacking or been so labeled by others (family, friend of professional) in some way

You have a loved one, family member or friend who has been so labeled and you would like to assist them to see their wholeness and health and/or you would be relieved of anxiety and concern if you could see their wholeness

You are a coach or therapist who would like to see, without a doubt in your mind, the wholeness and health in those you serve regardless of labels or diagnoses they have been given.

You have experienced periodic or persistent stress-related physical symptoms, illness, pain or impairment.

It is important to remember these four things:

  1. Diagnostic labels are one attempt to describe where you are and have nothing to do with who you are.
  2. There is always hope because there is always health.
  3. Spiritual wisdom lies within the consciousness of all human beings… and no person’s psyche is better than any other’s.
  4. Only to the degree of the individual’s psychological and spiritual understanding does it appear to vary.

    Please note: Spiritual in this context is speaking to the formless intelligent energy that animates every human being
    and has no dogma, rituals or prescriptions on behavior attached to its recognition/realization.