Defining, Recognizing, and Awakening Mental Health and Well-Being

Seeing Universal Principles Brings Fresh Hope!

“Seeing ‘psychological innocence’ in the past and current attempts to label and classify the suffering of ‘lost thinkers’ ushers in compassion rather than judgment”


The essence of this course is an incremental experience of being willing to ‘not know’ and then being ‘gifted’ with clarifying insights of knowing. This is a self study program in which session Bill is accompanied by a fellow 3 Principles student and mentor including; Ron Kingbird, Judy Sedgeman, Shadrick Mazaza, Christine Heath, Lloyd Fields, Chana Rosenblatt, Ray Lewis and Linda Pettit.


The evolution of seeing the essence of this course has been an incremental experience of being willing to ‘not know’ and then being ‘gifted’ with clarifying insights of knowing.

Each session I am accompanied by a colleague 3 Principles student and mentor. Each session is divided into 3 time periods (a, b, c) of about 36 minutes in length with a 6-minute break between.

  1. Will consist of me and my co-host alternately reading from The Missing Link and then sharing our personal insights, comments, and queries as we are moved to do. I am here to guarantee that this will not be boring or without value.
  2. Will consist of my co-host and I sharing our thoughts, insights, queries and stories germane to the assigned video section of The Long Beach videos.
  3. I will take the lead in discussing the ongoing effort of the professions of psychiatry and psychology to define recognize and awaken mental well being. This effort has also led to the defining and labeling of lost thinkers as “mentally ill”. Traveling this journey will demonstrate once more that understanding ANYTHING without seeing Universal Principles is often fraught with confusion and contradiction.

Again, this will be done in a way that I hope will be experienced as intriguing, illuminating and hopeful to participants.

I’ve drawn from many resources in the creation of this course. The primary resources are the six books written by Sydney Banks. Other medical psychiatric and scientific resources that have been read and at times drawn from in preparation of this course can be found here.

At the end of each session’s schedule is a list of objectives for that session.


Upon the completion of each session the participants will experience and demonstrate an increased ability to discuss the objectives listed under each session.

WARNING: There may be IOH’s (Intermittent Outbursts of Humor) at irregular intervals.

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Session 1

Guest Host: Ron Kingbird


  • No person’s psyche is better than any other’s psyche (mind/soul/spirit).
  • Only to the degree of the individual’s psychological and spiritual understanding does it appear that one person’s psyche is better than another’s.
  • One source of knowledge is a learned intellectual process.
  • A second source of knowledge is a realization from the depths of our own consciousness.
  • Everyone on earth shares the same innate source of wisdom.
  • People have the ability to obscure their innate wisdom via their thinking.
  • Psychiatric’ symptoms and signs are evidence of the person’s present level of consciousness/understanding i.e. Where they are. Not Who they are.

Session 2

Guest Host:  Judith A Sedgeman, EdD


  • Principles are fundamental truths with no exceptions.
  • Mind, Consciousness and Thought (MCT) are Universal Principles.
  • It is via MCT that each person creates a personal psychological reality.
  • Universal mind and personal mind are two ways of using the same Universal mind.
  • All humans have the inner ability to synchronize their personal mind with their impersonal mind to bring harmony into their lives.
  • The brain is biological and acts like a computer.
  • The mind is spiritual (formless) and powers the brain.

Session 3

Q & A session with Bill Pettit, Ron Kingbird and Judith A Sedgeman EdD

Session 4

Guest Host: Dr Shadrick Mazaza BSc. MB ChB. MFam Med. FCFP (SA)


  • Consciousness is the gift of awareness that allows us to observe creation or form.
  • All form (matter) is an expression of Universal Thought.
  • As Consciousness is shrouded by erroneous thoughts we lose the feelings of love and understanding and experience internal distress, confusion and isolation.
  • There are infinite levels of awareness/understanding/consciousness.
  • Wisdom is an innate intelligence everyone possesses within their soul/consciousness. (Everyone has a Guide inside)
  • Thought is not reality: yet it is through thought that we create our personal realities.
  • Thought is the missing link between mental health and mental suffering.
  • We human beings use Thought to produce our feelings, moods and our perception of life.
  • There are an infinite number of ways to use the power of Thought.


Session 5

Guest Host: Christine Heath, L.M.F.T., CSAC, MAC.


  • All life is the same energy whether in form or formless.
  • Both the form and the formless together create the whole, the oneness of life, that we call God.
  • Nothing can possibly be greater or separate from the whole.
  • Your eyes must see in the singular if you want to find truth.
  • The ego creates duality and separates us from the divine oneness and wisdom we seek.
  • Listen for a positive feeling, it will bring you the answers you seek.
  • Regaining the true relationship between our personal intelligence and the spiritual wisdom that lies within, is the key to clearing up a misguided life.
  • CMS creates a burden psychologically and physiologically which is referred to as the Allostatic Load.


Session 6

Q & A session with Bill Pettit, Dr Shadrick Mazaza and Christine Heath

Session 7

Guest Host: Chana Rosenblatt


  • We all seek enlightenment whether we are aware of this fact or not.
  • The Universal center of all things, we call God; The individual center we call a soul.
  • The misled thoughts of humanity cause all violence, cruelty and savagery in this world.
  • Thought produced alterations of mood, tension, clarity of thinking are internal alarms/symptoms/love letters.
  • Thought produced alterations in the experience of our body ( e.g. pain perception, muscle tension, sleep disturbance) are somatic alarms/symptoms/love letters.
  • Behavioral responses (speech/action) to internal and somatic alarms that are maladaptive/unhealthy are external alarms/symptoms/love letters.
  • Thought is the bridge between mental well-being and suffering.
  • If CMS continues unchecked the degree of internalized, externalized, thought and somatic symptoms will progress in intensity and severity often leading to mental and physical impairment and disability.
  • The form that impairment and disability takes in an individual person is informed by genetic, social and environmental factors.

Session 8

Guest Host: Lloyd Fields


  • Living in the now occurs when the personal mind is free from the contaminants of yesterday’s memories and tomorrow’s fears.
  • Past painful experiences are no longer true.
  • The past is now a memory carried through time via our own thoughts.
  • When negative thoughts cease, the beauty and the positive aspects of life can be seen, experienced and appreciated.
  • Analyzing will never result in peace of mind.
  • Our feelings are a barometer (measures pressure) of our thoughts.
  • Positive, loving thoughts and feelings will assist in accessing one’s mental health and wisdom.
  • Medications can reduce distress but can never be the direct source of peace of mind.


    Session 9

    Q & A session with Bill Pettit, Chana Rosenblatt and Lloyd Fields

    Session 10

    Guest Host: Ray Lewis


    • Love and understanding, compassion harmonize the mind of humanity to its true inner nature.
    • Judging your own faults or the faults of others leads to unhappiness.
    • As long as you live in the past, you can never find happiness.
    • There is a vast difference between forgiving a person and forgiving/condoning an act.
    • ‘Psychological Innocence’ points to the fact that every person’s behavior (thought, verbal or action) is what makes ‘sense’ to them at the moment of the behavior.
    • Wise people find happiness not in the absence of hardships but in their ability to understand them when they occur.
    • Seeing ‘psychological innocence’ releases you from mental anguish and pain, and all the horrible negative feelings an unforgiving mind experiences.

    Session 11

    Guest Host: Linda Sandel Pettit, Ed. D.


    • Spiritual (formless) Wisdom lies within the consciousness of all living creatures.
    • To find wisdom, seek a grateful feeling for what you already have in life.
    • Gratitude and satisfaction open our minds, clearing the way for wisdom, and contentment to enter.
    • If the intellect lacks wisdom, chaos reigns.
    • With wisdom people see beyond the filters and biases of race and culture, to realize the beauty in and the connection to everyone.
    • Wisdom brings common sense to those who find it.
    • When the answer is complicated, it is the intellect.
    • When the answer is simple, it is the Spirit (wisdom).

    Session 12

    Q & A session with Bill Pettit, Ray Lewis, and Linda Sandel Pettit, Ed.D.

    Special Offer: Get this One Cause, One Cure course (#2) as well as #1 (Exploring the Mind, brain, body, behavior Connection) for only $295!


    “In this course, Dr Pettit shares his life, gives current examples, and humbly shows the truth in situations people are faced with. I trust Dr. Pettit. Dr Pettit spoke so honestly and knowledgeably about the MBB Connection, but also connected us with excellent resources by Sydney Banks, as well as books by medical scientists. From every vantage point, this powerful understanding of Thought consistently comes with great unconditional love. Thank you, Bill. I love this MBB Connection course and highly recommend it!

    Christa Campsall, BEd, DiplSpEd, MA

    “The live sessions and the loving passion that emanated from Bill were my favorite parts of this course. He brings such a tenderness to people and knowledge. I am a complete novice re: the physiological depth of detail Bill explored, yet it just slid into place. As a result of the course I am training a team of whole school staff on children’s behaviour and the stress response, and I feel able to add this into all my upcoming 3P school trainings. Thank you for this stunning opportunity.”

    Anni Silverdale Poole, Author of ” Simply Being YOU”

    “Thank you for the amazing Mind, brain, body course!! I went straight to doing some research into the connection between the Principles and pain relief!  My chronic back pain has gone and I wanted to see if I could recreate this in others and am having great results.  As your course went on I realized that no amount of medical knowledge, however impressive to others, can give me the confidence to do this, it comes from within and in my conversations with these volunteers they have all said how they somehow knew deep down that I just want them to get well and that has shifted something in them. Amazing!”


    – Chana Studley, Three Principles Practitioner, Transformational Coach, Speaker and Author

    “You are a great sharer who is not only flexible, but also responsive to participant requests. I find your lived experience stories truly amplify the quotes you read. Through the eight weeks of sharing, I sense that you moved the group along to be willing and able to recognize and share that this is indeed a spiritual journey and any glimmer of that is so helpful. You definitely fulfilled your mandate!”

    – Christa

    A practical, humorous, gorgeous, informative divine filled exploration of ‘real’ mental health and the body, and the wisdom we have that keeps us safe (more often than not). I loved this exploration with Bill Pettit and, as a nurse, I particularly resonated with the in-depth explanations of how our brains and body physiologically and chemically create chronic mental stress, and the simple solution for all of us to experience profound peace of mind and mental and physical wellness for more of our lives.

    Fiona Jacob, CEO, Hast International AB, Coach, Mentor and Supervisor.

    Dr Bill is amazing. He is able to take technical information and bring it to an understanding that opens your heart and allows for healing. I love listening to him and he conveys an understanding with stories that really touched me and had me see things with clarity in a way I hadn’t seen before. I could listen for hours and I’d love to do the course again!”

    Rochelle Gance, Mind Body Health Coach

    Special Offer: Get this One Cause, One Cure course (#2) as well as #1 (Exploring the Mind, brain, body, behavior Connection) for only $295!