According to research by Dr. Corey Keyes in the U.S. approximately 18% of people are experiencing a high level of mental well being on a consistent basis which he describes as ‘Thriving’, 50% of people are experiencing moderate levels of mental well being while coping with considerable stress, ‘OK but stressed’ and sadly 32% of people were found to be in a chronic state of overwhelm which he describes as ‘Languishing’.

A primary objective of this program is to facilitate more people to experience life as Thriving through a deeper realization of the universal Principles at the source of creation and all personal experience. Higher levels of mental well-being make a connection with others effortless and enjoyable. Thriving Together is needed for true positive and creative change to occur.

The goal of the ‘Thriving Together’ course is to ‘draw out’ in the participants an increasing experience of:

  • Finding peace of mind
  • Love and understanding
  • Connectednesss to all human beings
  • Stress resistance
  • Resilience

Dr. Pettit will share his knowledge and realizations of 39 years as a student and sharer of the Three Universal Principles and 50 plus years as a student of neuroscience to facilitate the participants in finding a more gentle, graceful and connected journey through life’s challenges, losses and opportunities.

The Enlightened Gardener Revisited by Sydney Banks’ last published book (2005), On the Essence of Three Universal Principles at the Source of Creation and Life. Material from this extraordinary book will be utilized in the presentations and a suggested reading schedule prior to each session will be provided

Behave by Robert Sapolsky (2018); Pertinent areas of neuroscience research from this gifted neuroscientist’s will be explored through the lens of Universal Principles in hope of glimpsing the Oneness of the formless and the form.

This is a self-study program consisting of 8 recorded sessions, 13 hours of content, delivered in private members page immediately on purchase. 


Join me on this course and together we will thrive!

    Continuing Education

    Many U.S. and global licensed healthcare professionals have requested professional CE’s for continuing education toward re-licensure. Hope for Helpers offers (18 CE’s) continuing education contact hours available for purchase. All different types of health professionals can use Nursing CE’s. Check with your state licensing board.

    Advancing Holistic Health is a continuing nursing education provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider number CEP16464


    “In this course, Dr Pettit shares his life, gives current examples, and humbly shows the truth in situations people are faced with. I trust Dr. Pettit. Dr Pettit spoke so honestly and knowledgeably about the MBB Connection, but also connected us with excellent resources by Sydney Banks, as well as books by medical scientists. From every vantage point, this powerful understanding of Thought consistently comes with great unconditional love. Thank you, Bill. I love this MBB Connection course and highly recommend it!

    Christa Campsall, BEd, DiplSpEd, MA

    “The live sessions and the loving passion that emanated from Bill were my favorite parts of this course. He brings such a tenderness to people and knowledge. I am a complete novice re: the physiological depth of detail Bill explored, yet it just slid into place. As a result of the course I am training a team of whole school staff on children’s behaviour and the stress response, and I feel able to add this into all my upcoming 3P school trainings. Thank you for this stunning opportunity.”

    Anni Silverdale Poole, Author of ” Simply Being YOU”

    “Thank you for the amazing Mind, brain, body course!! I went straight to doing some research into the connection between the Principles and pain relief!  My chronic back pain has gone and I wanted to see if I could recreate this in others and am having great results.  As your course went on I realized that no amount of medical knowledge, however impressive to others, can give me the confidence to do this, it comes from within and in my conversations with these volunteers they have all said how they somehow knew deep down that I just want them to get well and that has shifted something in them. Amazing!”


    – Chana Studley, Three Principles Practitioner, Transformational Coach, Speaker and Author

    “You are a great sharer who is not only flexible, but also responsive to participant requests. I find your lived experience stories truly amplify the quotes you read. Through the eight weeks of sharing, I sense that you moved the group along to be willing and able to recognize and share that this is indeed a spiritual journey and any glimmer of that is so helpful. You definitely fulfilled your mandate!”

    – Christa

    A practical, humorous, gorgeous, informative divine filled exploration of ‘real’ mental health and the body, and the wisdom we have that keeps us safe (more often than not). I loved this exploration with Bill Pettit and, as a nurse, I particularly resonated with the in-depth explanations of how our brains and body physiologically and chemically create chronic mental stress, and the simple solution for all of us to experience profound peace of mind and mental and physical wellness for more of our lives.

    Fiona Jacob, CEO, Hast International AB, Coach, Mentor and Supervisor.

    Dr Bill is amazing. He is able to take technical information and bring it to an understanding that opens your heart and allows for healing. I love listening to him and he conveys an understanding with stories that really touched me and had me see things with clarity in a way I hadn’t seen before. I could listen for hours and I’d love to do the course again!”

    Rochelle Gance, Mind Body Health Coach