Only ONE Mental Illness

Through my 40+ year career as a psychiatrist and being mentored personally by Syndey Banks for 26 years, I came to see clearly that Chronic Mental Stress (CMS) is created by habits of worry, guilt, resentment, upset, over-analysis, unresolved grief and drivenness and is the cause of ALL mental and physical illness.

In this first interview with the Real Change Portal, I share with listeners why the current mental health system is broken, where illness comes from, and share how there is hope, no matter what you are suffering with.

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No matter what you are struggling with, there is hope. Through group programs and private well being sessions, Dr. Bill can support you in discovering your innate wellness.


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With over 40 years as a practicing psychiatrist, and over 26 years being mentored by Sydney Banks, Bill has a unique message of healing to share. Learn more about his story and how he can help.