Overcoming Triggers with Psychological Immunity

Do you avoid situations where you feel triggered by past experiences or uncomfortable memories? I recently spoke to a client who was returning to her hometown where she hadn’t set foot in many years. She was worried and scared of the people and things that would trigger traumatic memories and their subsequent thoughts and feelings.

You cannot avoid the memories that get triggered. They are in your psychological files and you cannot prevent them from arriving through your thoughts.

But as you deepen your understanding of the connection between your spiritual and psychological natures, the strength and duration of the uncomfortable state of mind that can come from your triggers will diminish.

What came to me to share with this client is the importance of her increasing her Psychological Immunity.

How to increase your psychological immunity:

  1. Seeing that the only thing you can experience as a human being is a thought-created experience.
  2. To the degree that you truly see the above, knowing that you don’t have to be frightened by your experience.
  3. If you don’t feed it or fight it, every thought-created experience will last no longer than 5 minutes. It will pass, without you having to do anything other than getting present, the best that you can.
  4. Seeing that the only thing that exists is now.
  5. Knowing that psychological innocence is a fact. Every human is doing the best that they can with their level of consciousness. Only hurt people hurt people.

Hear me explain each of these further in the following video:

With so much love,

Dr. Bill

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