Stories of Hope: Claudia’s Depression

There is a universal truth that tells us of a gift,
That dwells within us naturally to help us when we drift.

When times of joy turn into woe, when wealth must cede to thrift,
We need but turn inside to find a path back from the cliff.

And yet we choose to hide ourselves in darkness and dismay,
Afraid what passing strangers might think of us today.

We cover all our goodness up with heavy clouds of gray,
And build great walls around us, thus keeping life at bay.

Why can’t we trust in our own good? Why can’t we shine each day?
How is it that we constantly get lost along the way?
When strength is there within us, how can we go astray?
Perhaps we’re blinded by the dust from our feet of clay.

When times are hard and fears are strong, we need to turn within,
To find the natural gift of health with which we all begin.

We’ll find it underneath the shadow of our stubborn chin,
That’s raised to justify our right to think we cannot win.

We argue for our negatives and dwell upon our woe,
Not realizing that this holding on just helps it grow.

We have to learn to recognize the thoughts that we bestow,
Are simply dust we’ve trampled up, and we can let them go.

This is a poem written by my client Claudia about finding healing after 40 years of struggle with her mental health.

If you haven’t seen her video where she shares her story, you can watch it below.

She shares that after her work with me…

She wakes up happy in the morning.
She gets more done in less time than when she was depressed.
She laughs when she rereads her journals from the past, at how ridiculous it was that she suffered. 

This is possible for you too. This is possible for your clients. There is hope.



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