This Too Shall Pass

On a recent boat trip down the Mississippi River on vacation with Linda, I lost my billfold. It was nowhere to be found on the boat or in the places I visited along the way.

Frustrating of course. I could have worried. I could have been stressed.

But in all the research I’ve read, not one study has shown that worrying will help you find your billfold faster. 😉

This was a very small problem of course. But it gave my assistant a giggle and I hope it does for you too.

The truth is, no matter how severe you perceive a challenge in your life, if you are able to come back to the quiet place within, the emotions you feel at any given moment will pass.

I see this often with people given the label of PTSD.

They may encounter a trigger that sets off feelings of anxiety or a full-blown panic attack.

But when you know that:

1. What is happening is a thought-created experience.

2. It will not last more than 5 minutes.

Have a listen to this story about a soldier in Israel who fought in the Lebanon wars, Ofer Myer and understandably went into a severe depression and what would be labeled as C-PTSD. After getting to share this understanding with him and 10 of his soldier compatriots in Israel, his response to his triggers was an entirely different experience.

Whatever feelings you label as negative, they will pass.

Understanding this, and the Wisdom that is always available and guiding you, is a key to living life Enjoying the Journey as the Destination.

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With love,

Dr. Bill

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