You Only Need The Next Step

The ego’s desire is to know the next 40 steps and without knowing, we can get innocently stuck in a state of uncertainty and fear.

The truth is we only need to know the very next step. 

Understanding the system of being human is what helped me overcome fear and uncertainty in all areas of my life. I am no longer afraid of not knowing what comes next, not knowing all the steps. Understanding our spiritual (formless) nature and knowing how to listen and access Wisdom has shown me over and over that I can be provided with what is needed to take just the next step.

Everyone has experienced moments in life where they acted on their intuition or inner guidance, even before they understood the underlying principles. Some people may attribute such instances to luck or chance, but they now see it as a reflection of a loving and giving force.

We only need to be quiet enough to hear this guidance, as it is continuously being given 24/7.

When you can stay present, trust your inner guidance, and recognize the constant support available to you, it becomes possible to navigate life’s challenges with ease.

I invite you to watch this short video where I share a helpful metaphor about only needing to know the next step.

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Dr. Bill

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